Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Okla-HOME-a has moved... Northwesterly?!?

I have been toiling over my blog~ Okla-HOME-a ever since the idea of us moving became a possibility.  While I have been able to put it off for months now- I think it is finally I addressed the inevitable.  
Now that we live in the great Northwest it doesn't make much sense for me to keep the blog name Okla-home-a, but should I name this new endeavor?  I have thought of bringing back the "The Green Room" a name and concept I latched on to years ago but could never really make work... I have also tossed around the name "Ta-HOME-a" which references the Native American word Tahoma (a local reference to Mt. Rainier) but wasn't quite convinced... Then this morning I was kind of struck by the name "Northwesterly."  It kind of captures the quirky-ness of this new place we now call home and even though I am not exactly sure just yet-  I think I am going to live with it for a few days and see what I think..  
If you have any input- feel free to comment.  Just be gentle :)


  1. Yes to "Northwesterly". I certainly put your blog in my favorites bar in short order--in part because the title suggested that I, also a northwesterner, could find content relevant to me.

    A fellow transplant into Washington state, I have experienced difficulty finding furniture for upcycling that isn't already expensive. Used clothing, shoes, and accessories? Oh, I know where to go. Used toys? Oh, I know where to go. Salvage? Oh, I know where to go. But furniture? Not so much. People here seem to already know what they have or over-estimate what they have. What are the secrets of your successful hunting?