Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Project #1

Built in bookcases

We have always had uber storage in the houses we have purchased- which we took for granted.  Of coarse, we had seen all of tof those houses in person before we bought them, which helps.  This is where buying a house sight unseen can pose a few unexpected surprises for you once you move in.  We were not prepared for the lack of storage in the new house!  You really realize just how much stuff aka junk you have when there is no where to store it!!!  So this is our challenge:  Where can we find, create, or manipulate space for storage???  The first space was an obvious candidate.

When we bought the house there were two little alcoves as you walked through a hallway that were completely underutilized. 
This is a terrible photo of the alcoves but the only one that I have in a "before" state.  You can see that the previous owners had a piece of furniture placed in the one on the left.  But, sans furniture it was just empty, un-utilized space.
Step one: 
Be annoyed enough to make a change!

 Seeing books in the hall day after day precipitated this endeavor.  
Clutter, YUCK!  Bring on the bookcases. 

We are so fortunate to finally be closer to my family in situations like these.  My mom actually executed the bulk of the designing and building of the book cases so I am pretty weak on Steps 2-???
Towards the end though, I did take over tweaking the final design and  painting.

Here I am cluing the facing trim to the shelves.  We talked a lot about the design for the bookcases before hand.  You can't believe how many little decisions there are to make!  Honestly, I am not the best at deciding either.  Usually, I don't know what I like until I can actually see it.  Such was the case here.   We ended up adding an additional trim piece to make the shelves look more seamless.  Luckily it was a simple fix. 
Ready for paint.
Even though I didn't show the other bookcase- hopefully you can imagine the same thing is mimicked on the other side.  I love it.  It is kind of like walking through our own little library anytime you go to this side of the house.
 Someday I might paint the back of the bookcases a fun, different color.  And I am sure I will be tweaking the placement of things on the shelves for some time, but for now it looks great!
And... NO books or clutter on the floor!!!  Yea!

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  1. I love these! Had no idea that your current bookcases weren't custom designed by some fancy shmancy contractor- you ROCK!