Friday, October 12, 2012

To paint or not to paint...

Well, to paint or not to paint is not really the question... Hands down I always vote for PAINT!  However, currently I am running out of space and am way backed up on projects.  So, this one I am going to offer up to any would be buyer as is. 

If you are interested in having it painted, I can do that as well- just let me know what color, or you can look at my selection and we can go from there.  But, for now it is just being sold as is.  

It is in great condition.  Obviously it is a used set so it does have normal wear and tear but the whole set is quite solid.  Nothing wobbly here!  It also already has felt pads on the legs and feet so it won't scratch your floors.  Would be great in a small eat-in space, but I can also see it being used with the leaves down as a kids computer desk.    

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